Location: Remote/home office

Status: Full-time

Position Overview:The Blog Manager (Blog Boss) keeps The Center for Sales Strategy’s and LeadG2 lead generation and thought leadership efforts on track, by preparing and publishing blog posts and coordinating lead nurturing efforts. The Blog Manager also participates in coordinating with a pool of freelance writers and graphic designers to create blog posts, white papers, ebooks and other lead generation content for clients.

Blog Boss Duties:
  • Maintains and guides the content calendars for both The Center for Sales Strategy and LeadG2 and works with internal writers to create world class blog content.
  • Utilizes various stock photography sites to select appropriate art/image for blog posts and landing pages.
  • Prepares 6-10 blog posts for publishing per week, including working with our proof reader to proof posts prior to publishing, formatting, linking to relevant content, optimizing keywords, and selecting the call to action for each post.
  • Creates landing pages and contact forms, including attaching the download and writing the copy in bounce back / thank you emails a user receives after downloading content.
  • Ensures blog content and landing pages are consistent with company style guides.
  • Edits posts for clarity and key words and coordinates requests for revisions with our writers.
  • Maintains integrity of the blog by ensuring each posts lives up to our pledge and mission.
  • Shares content on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.
  • Coordinates guest blogging opportunities via HubSpot and other content creators.
  • Seeks opportunities to capitalize on breaking news events and for the creation of curated posts to supplement internal writers.

Content Creation Duties:
  • Sources content from a pool of freelancer writers to have blog posts and other content (whitepapers, ebooks, guides and other written materials) created for internal and client purposes.
  • Sources graphics and designed content from a pool of freelance designers to have infographics, whitepapers, ebooks and guides created for internal and client purposes.
  • Utilizes various stock photography sites to select appropriate art/image for blog posts and landing pages.

Lead Nurturing Duties:
  • Makes sure each new landing page created has an associated "work flow" or lead nurturing campaign.
  • Writes lead nurturing email copy as needed. Coordinates and edits copy received from project owners.
  • Creates smart lists of targeted leads to receive lead nurturing customized to their interests.
  • Creates smart lists tied to calls to action so that repeat visitors to the site receive offers based on past behavior on the site.
  • Works with the consultant team to create custom landing pages for speaking engagements and promotional purposes.
  • Works with the sales team to create segmented lists and custom lead nurturing campaigns related to business categories and leads they are developing.

  • Coordinates webinars developed for lead generating purposes. 
  • Refers to the critical path, and works with the consultant / project owner to schedule, plan and execute the webinar.
  • Creates any landing pages and lead nurturing associated with the webinar.
  • Imports leads from GoToWebinar and into HubSpot as required.

Social Media:
  • Maintains a presence for The Center for Sales Strategy and LeadG2 on Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn, SlideShare and other.
  • Consistently publishes content to all relevant social networks. 
  • Responds to comments left on the sites.
  • Engages with followers and thought leaders in the social media space.

Preferred Software, Certifications and Skills:
  • HubSpot Certified
  • Inbound Marketing Certfied
  • Skilled in PhotoShop/Adobe Creative suite or other graphic design packages
  • Social Media Publishing Software - Buffer, HootSuite, etc.
  • Experienced with Wordpress, HubSpot or other Content Management Systmes

Send your resume and cover letter to MattSunshine@CSScenter.com
Salary will range between $40,000-$50,000 based on experience.