Why The Center for Sales Strategy? We asked our clients that exact question. We wanted to hear why they chose The Center for Sales Strategy to help them Turn Sales Talent into Sales Performance.

Client Testimonials

"We tried all the traditional approaches and they didn't work. We're much more needs-focused, much more collaborative with our clients, and finding more ways to solve problems for our clients."

Steve Weaver
New Venture Revenue Director

"Everything we ask our Account Managers to do tactically in the TargetDrive aligned with our strategy of selling with a client-focus."

Paul Briggs
General Sales Manager

"The training that we've really seen work is the selling of ideas - ideas combined with solutions that work for our clients. The thing the client buys is the idea - and the value in us being able to handle all the elements that support that idea through execution."

David Thielmann

"We generate more revenue with the same number of sellers - because the sales staff we have today is more talented."

Mark Osborn
Director of Sales

"Helping us to understand the talents of our people gives us a better indication of what people will do when we aren't looking. If they're naturally geared to do the things we need, then we have to spend less time policing them and are allowed more time to help them grow the business."

Brad Polston
Director of Sales

"My experience with the training system has been particularly rewarding. Even as an old dog, there are some clever new tricks I've learned and some forgotten tools I've relearned. The concepts will prove extremely valuable in client and AE interactions."

Steve Ellzey
Sales Manager

"It's so exciting to see my revenue increase while the rest of the market has decreased!! I haven't lost much business due to attrition and I firmly believe it is because of (How) Selling. Delivering the hot ideas and executing the plan keeps my clients loyal!

Adella Fremstad
Account Executive

"I truly believe that her training from The Center for Sales Strategy along with the great coaching from her Local Sales Manager, was instrumental in closing this whale of a deal for our company."

Mario Mendoza
General Sales Manager

"Springboard Coaching provided one of my newest team members with the tools to stay focused and committed to new business development - she saw a growth of 20% in brand new clients in 4 short months."

Steve Heintz
Sales Manager

"I cannot thank you enough for all of your time, advice and knowledge during our Springboard Coaching together. Having such a strong resource to work with over the past few months has truly helped fast-track my career as an Account Manager. Regardless of how big or small my question or concern, you always had a great solution and an action plan that was easy for me to follow through on and generated results. You taught me to focus on the long term while working on short-term projects. There were so many accounts that I ended up successfully closing."

Sarah McNeil

"The Center for Sales Strategy really gives you the ability to identify talents and to understand what kinds of talent you may need to accomplish certain tasks. And then once you recruit that talent, how to manage them and how to help them excel to their highest potential."

Rob Babin
General Sales Manager

"What (CSS) has brought to my organization is a structure and a process that really can help guide young individuals with a lot of potential, through the sales process, and deliver results that gets them excited about the sales process."

Matt Sandberg