Appointment Lab

The Problem: Sellers are not going on enough quality appointments.
A quality appointment is an appointment that is scheduled in advance, with a clear agenda that includes either conducting a needs analysis or discussing ideas specifically related to a previously identified assignment.

We've learned that the lack of activity is a universal problem and not the result of a lack of effort. In fact, salespeople may be working harder today on their approach than ever before!

Why is it harder to schedule quality appointments?
  • More salespeople are in the marketplace.
  • There are fewer buyers.
  • People have more sophisticated ways to ignore sellers now
    (caller ID and voicemail changed the game).
  • Email has allowed buyers to keep sellers at a distance.
  • The internet allows buyers to learn about your category or specific
    products and services, without a salesperson even being present.

We find that the average seller is often going on only 1-3 quality appointments per week.  Imagine what could happen if every seller went on 5-7 quality calls per week? Sound too good to be true? We assure you it’s not!

The Solution: The Appointment Lab. 
The most important thing a salesperson can do is sell. The problem is they have no one to sell to without a quality appointment. Most salespeople are not very good at setting appointments because:
  • It’s only one thing they have to do from a long list of other responsibilities.
  • It's not focused on consistently to keep the funnel full—in good times and bad.
  • It’s a part-time venture for them and they never improve upon this skill.

This is where the Appointment Lab can help. We follow a proven 7-step process over a 16-day period to set appointments where the prospect is actually excited about seeing your people. This is not a boiler room operation making 5,000 calls to a questionable list, and delivering 2-3% of those calls as shaky appointments that won’t go anywhere. We will work with you to identify 80 prospects that meet your ideal customer profile and set high-quality appointments. Typically, we are successful in setting appointments with 22% of your prospects—that can change your revenue in a hurry.

Start Setting Quality Appointments

Let us set the right appointments for you. You might find that you will get a better return on your investment than hiring another salesperson; while keeping your current sales staff busier with quality appointments.

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