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Take Your Revenue Projections and Sales Forecasting to the NEXT LEVEL

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All business decisions start with the data; the better the data, the better the decision that can be made. However, it takes more than just data to make a good business decision, it takes expertise to interpret the data and apply it successfully.

Sales is no different; the better the sales data and the more experienced and knowledgeable the person interpreting and applying it the better the sales related decision.

Pipeline Accelerator combines better data and analysis into a single process. 

Pipeline Accelerator will assist sales managers in gaining significant new insights into the deals their sales reps are pursuing and using this knowledge to deliver results; 

  • Ensuring the sales reps are only focused on the best deals; those they can win.
  • Developing selling strategies that move deals through the pipeline quicker and with greater success.
  • Early identification of deals that could slip past the close date or end up with a ‘No-Decision.’
  • Creating more accurate forecasts and revenue projections based on hard facts.
  • Increasing the team’s win rates.

Pipeline Accelerator you gives you access to two powerful resources: Occulus, the most accurate Predictive Analysis for sales, proven itself in thousands of sales situations, combined with the sales expertise of The Center For Sales Strategy. The combination creates a process for you to deliver results.

Research continues to show that the most effective way to impact both short and long-term results is through focused sales coaching, combined with specific intelligence about deals the sales reps are working on. Find out how Pipeline Accelerator does just that.

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