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TargetDrive is a different type of business development initiative. Where most sales initiatives can undermine the sales culture in its pursuit of short-term revenue, a TargetDrive is designed to support and reinforce the strategy of selling the right solutions to the right prospects. In How Selling we refer to this as creating customized solutions for accounts that fit the ideal customer profile. 

Benefits of a TargetDrive will continue beyond the initiative because:
  • Revenue from the TargetDrive will continue to be placed after the completion of the initiative.
  • Cients will achieve results that prompt them to renew.
  • Sellers learn the benefits of effective target account development.

How it Works
TargetDrive is a business development program designed to run for 12 weeks:
  • 3 weeks to set quality appointments.
  • 6 weeks to conduct client needs analysis meetings, brainstorming sessions, and close new business.
  • 3 weeks for a final focus on prospects that are right for your company, but have been hard to close.

For the TargetDrives to maximize revenue generation, management must fully commit their focus and support to the initiative. Selecting and supporting the 12-week period where this can be the main focus of the sales department is the manager’s role.

Support and Services
The Center for Sales Strategy will guide and assist sales managers and sales teams with:
  • Kick off meeting: A full-day meeting where sellers will learn how to prospect for targets and spend time making calls to new prospects. A target account court session is held to review the best prospects.
  • Coaching the coaches: Coaching the sales manager on effective ways to run their focus meetings with their salespeople during the TargetDrive.
  • Performance tracking: Providing tracking system options to be used for the TargetDrive, with sellers also tracking their own performance to receive a bonus for reaching TargetDrive goals.
  • Brainstorming sessions: Running a brainstorming session to help generate ideas for accounts chosen for the TargetDrive.
  • Final sales push: Working with sellers to close those prospects who seem ready to buy, but are not closing.
  • Evaluation: At the conclusion, a phone call will be booked with sales managers to conduct a group evaluation.
  • Target to key conversions: Helping to create a plan to convert the target account into key accounts.

Jim HopesJim Hopes - The Right Approach to a TargetDrive
What is a TargetDrive? Is it simply a concentrated campaign that allows you to post new business revenue? Perhaps that is the outcome if done correctly, but I would submit that a great TargetDrive is less about what you can sell to someone and much more about what you can sell for someone.

Our profession is bigger than simply selling a product or service. We help businesses solve problems. We make connections. We tap potential. How? By using the expertise you bring to be able to tailor the ideal solution for each of your target accounts—because you understand their unique needs.

When it's clear you are selling things for prospects, instead of to them, appointments get easier, ideas get better, and renewals happen more often.

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