Close Like the Pros book coverIf you’re selling solutions, you’re not just asking for one decision from the prospect, you’re often asking for a set of decisions. Selling interactively looks at closing as a process rather than an event.

When you're selling interactively, you're contracting and partnering with your prospect. Selling interactively is at the core of the How Selling process and Chairman Emeritus Steve Marx wrote the book on it. While our selling system draws upon numerous sales and management thought leaders, Close Like the Pros-Replace Worn-Out Tactics with the Powerful Strategy of Interactive Selling is our original contribution to the world of professional selling.

“Finally a book on sales practices that you can actually share with your clients! A common sense approach to selling that respects clients and really works in today’s complex and competitive marketplace. I can tell you from personal experience that customers respond to salespeople who are interactive and reward them with more business.”
- Kimberly Rath, President, Talent Plus

Read the free download of chapter one of Close Like the Pros to discover how selling interactively can benefit any business-to-business salesperson (and their managers) who expect to build longstanding relationships with their clients.

The truth about closing is that it never happens all at once. The notion that it does is a myth that probably developed because all of the pieces and parts are put into a single document called a proposal. The world’s best sales people know that the proposal should not be a collection of decisions to be made but rather a summary of decisions already made!

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Download chapter one of Close Like the Pros now to learn more about selling interactively and why the model of selling followed by buying is no longer effective.

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