We help our clients recruit and select more effectively using our Sales Talent Interview and Profit Center Manager Interview. Our tools don't just describe the candidate—they predict whether the candidate will become a top performer in your organization.
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Talent Selection & Recruitment

Start with talent and develop a winner. All the training in the world won’t help a Shetland pony win the Kentucky Derby.  Only if you start with a thoroughbred do you have the possibility of developing a Secretariat or Seattle Slew.  The same is true in selling business services in a competitive environment:   The Center for Sales Strategy helps its clients recruit and select more powerfully.  Our Sales Talent Interview and Profit Center Manager Interview doesn’t just describe the candidate—it predicts whether or not the candidate will become a top performer in your organization.

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Talent Development

After hiring salespeople with the right talents, managers can increase their performance by understanding and developing those talents. Our in-depth analysis of each salesperson’s unique talents, guides the manager in creating highly customized coaching plans. This individualized coaching allows managers to maximize their salespeoples’ strengths, create workarounds for weaknesses, and turn talent into performance.

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<a href="/services/talent/talent-focused-management">Talent Focused Management</a>

Talent Focused Management

Talent is absolutely essential, but in no way sufficient.  The Sales Manager's job is best seen as managing people, not sales.  Gone are the days when the boss can play the role of closer or fixer. The manager’s job might be better named Salespeople Manager. Their best opportunity is to make each member of the sales staff effective and productive. Talent Focused Management is a people-focused and strength-focused approach.

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<a href="http://www.thecenterforsalesstrategy.com/services/talent/about-talent-plus">About Talent Plus</a>

About Talent Plus

At the heart of the Talent Plus system is a technology process for the selection and development of associates. This methodology utilizes human resource testing methods to identify and interview job candidates based on the key talents that are found in top performers. Talent is defined as a natural ability that cannot be taught. Talent is different from skill, which can be enhanced through training.

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