Category Revenue Accelerator

The Category Revenue Accelerator is designed for media salespeople who want to lead the pack when it comes to business development. The accelerator provides a monthly stream of business category and trend information to help sellers select better prospects, get an appointment with those prospects, and create new customers. Automotive, health care, financial services, and furniture are just some of the categories covered.

How is the information delivered?

10 times a year, we host a 45-minute Category Revenue Accelerator distance meeting. Each meeting is focused on important trends for two business categories (announced in advance). These distance meetings make a great foundation for a sales meeting focused on getting an appointment within the categories or can be attended by team members individually at their computer. A recording of each meeting will be available.

What is covered in each distance meeting?

Each meeting features several segments for each business category. They will vary based on the topic, but some of the most popular segments are:

1. Think Like an Owner
Salespeople will view each business through the eyes of the owner by understanding a P&L and the key issues that drive profit. Seeing the big picture will help salespeople better understand what is competing for the dollars they seek to secure. 

2. Category Brief
A review of an updated Category Brief, showcasing top relevant news headlines, Valid Business Reasons based on those headlines, and needs analysis questions to flush out the type of needs that will lead to a sale. 

3. Success Stories
Stories from the field will give sellers confidence in their approach and fill their head with relevant anecdotes to increase their credibility with each prospect. 

4. Selecting Prospects
We will apply common sense criteria for each business category, so sellers choose the most ideal prospects—and end up fishing where the fish are! 

5. Prepare to Make Digital Discoveries
We close each category segment with tips sellers can use to prepare to greatly improve their needs analysis and set the stage to include digital as a key part of the solution.

How Can I Participate?

Contact your lead consultant or let us know here.



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