Ever wonder why you build rapport with some clients immediately, while others seem like oil and water?

The PeopleSmarts workshop offered by The Center for Sales Strategy will help you understand your own personality, as well as the personalities of your clients and prospects.

There are four dominant behavioral types. Each of the four behavioral styles has a very distinct—and predictable—pattern of observable behavior. Once you understand these patterns, you have the key to unlock your ability to get along with nearly anyone. 

PeopleSmarts system was developed for The Center for Sales Strategy by Dr. Tony Alessandra.

What is your Behavioral Style?

Are you a Director, a Thinker, a Relater, or a Socializer? If you want to build rapport with prospects faster, manage your employees more effectively, or understand your co-workers better, the PeopleSmarts workshop can help you do just that.

The online assessment you take prior to the workshop includes:
  • A one-year PeopleSmarts membership

  • Unlimited Observer Assessment invitations for 90 days

    With the PeopleSmarts observer assessment feedback, you can acquire a unique 360-degree view of yourself by inviting an unlimited number of observers within the next 90 days to complete an assessment on you, as they see you.

    We send an email note from you inviting them to complete the assessment as they see you. You get to view your personal eGraph that keeps track of and plots all the different ways people see you. The confidentiality of each observer is preserved

  • A personalized PeopleSmarts Assessment Report

    1. Your behavioral tendencies and growth opportunities.
    2. Overview of your primary behavioral style.
    3. Find out what motivates you so you get more done with less effort.
    4. Recognize the work situations that work best with your behavioral style.
    5. Discover how to modify your style so you can effectively connect with the other styles

    No one fits into just one category. People have substyles. The full report shows you precisely where you fall into one of 16 different styles.

  • A PeopleSmarts eWorkbook

    ThePeopleSmarts workbookis what you need to understand each behavioral style in order to sell your ideas and persuade people to work with you. 

    1. Understand your own style to leverage your strengths and avoid your weaknesses.
    2. Identify other people's styles so you can treat them the way THEY want to be treated.
    3. Know when and how to shift your own behavior to develop a sense of openness and trust.

If you’re ready to learn more, contact your consultant at The Center for Sales Strategy to set up a PeopleSmarts workshop for your company.