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    Quality, Integrity, Responsiveness

Talent Analyst

The Center for Sales Strategy


Company Scoop:

The Center for Sales Strategy is a sales performance consulting company, and for almost 40 years, we have helped business-to-business sales organizations attract, retain, and develop the highest-performing salespeople and sales managers. Equipped with best-in-class talent assessments, our Talent Analysts provide in-depth feedback and coaching to help our clients turn talent into performance.

Job Scoop:

We are looking for a Talent Analyst who is passionate about helping companies hire and develop top performers and comfortable building executive-level relationships and facilitating key presentations.

If this sounds interesting, keep reading. It gets better! And if you’re still interested at the end, click the link to answer three quick questions for us.

More Details:
  • This is a full-time job, and we tend to squeeze a lot of hours into the day.
  • We work from home offices – even in normal times.
  • Eventually, you should plan to travel a bit.
  • In this job, you will:
    • Gain mastery of our talent assessments
    • Provide expertise and coaching that help companies improve performance
    • Work one-on-one and with groups to provide strength coaching
    • Facilitate key meetings and programs
    • Grow and demonstrate your thought leadership in talent recruitment, selection, development, and engagement
    • Develop strong executive-level relationships

Is this the job for you? Let’s find out!

You’re right for this job if:
  • You’re passionate and hard-working (sometimes you need to be reminded to eat lunch)!
  • You have a strong sense of urgency, and you naturally move things along quickly (you’ve even been called impatient before).
  • You enjoy making presentations and running programs that allow you to educate others and help them improve.
  • You are fascinated by people and curious to learn more about them.
  • You quickly bond with strangers, establish rapport, and make people feel at ease.
  • You like to convince people of your opinion and educate them about what you believe.
  • You sometimes walk into an office supply and find yourself staring longingly at the binders.
  • You love to exceed the expectations of others.
  • You’re buttoned-up and able to handle many different projects at once without making errors.
  • You do what you say you will do, and others can truly trust you.
  • You take great pride in the success you bring customers.
  • Inside and outside of work, you enjoy serving and helping others.
  • You’re likable, smile a lot, and you make people feel comfortable right off the bat.
  • Growing client relationships is your thing.
Next Steps:

If you’ve made it this far down the page and you’re still thinking this sounds like you, start your application by filling out the form below. 

Once you complete the application, you will be directed to complete an online talent assessment that will take you about 40 minutes, and to make sure it’s worth your time, we will send you a detailed report of your Top Talents with specific strategies to maximize your unique talent set. This will be a valuable resource for you whether you move forward with us or not!

If this is not for you (and we get that), consider whether you may know the perfect person for this job and share the scoop!