Kristen Zanoni
Content Strategist, LeadG2


When I'm not behind my laptop working, I am a curious traveler who loves the feeling of being in a new place. I have single-handedly checked off everything on my bucket list in the last decade! I like to reinvent myself, learn new languages, find strange hobbies, and study any fascinating topics that pique my interest. I flirt with one pastime after the next, finding joy in painting, reading, writing fiction, yoga, and hiking.

My writing career began as a seemingly inconsequential hobby and brilliantly transformed into a streamlined, marketing-focused, razor-sharp Content Strategist role. The parts in between consisted of years of action-oriented learning as I absorbed every experience I could get my hands on. SEO copywriting, marketing agency work, legal writing, journalism, and more have shaped my background into what it is today.

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