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    Quality, Integrity, Responsiveness

New Business Account Lead

What better way to grow your sales development career than by working with one of the best sales leadership and training organizations in the country? 

In a nutshell:

Who?  We're looking for a sales hunter with experience in the company culture space! Someone who loves to go after the big game and mount their trophies. 

What? You will be responsible for helping grow three divisions of our company, Up Your Culture, LeadG2 and Center for Sale Strategy.  

How?You will be going after C and V suite to sell our total revenue solutions. This is a salary plus commission set-up. 

Why? Apply for this exciting sales role and receive your Top Talent Report. This amazing report details your Top 5 Talents in sales. 

If this sounds interesting, keep reading. It gets better! And if you’re still interested at the end, click the link to answer three quick questions for us.

What's this all about?

We work with companies to improve revenue performance with leadership development, support, and inbound efforts.   

The seller we hire will be able to make an enormous impact by helping organizations with a solution for many top-of-mind challenges leaders are facing right now.  

We know we are looking for a needle in a haystack… a born salesperson who has a passion for and expertise in helping companies grow! But we also know you are out there, and we’re excited to welcome you aboard. 

Company Scoop:

The Center for Sales Strategywith over 39 years of expertise working with B2B sales organizations. We are a sales performance company that exists to turn talent into performance.  CSS helps B2B companies improve revenue growth and reduce sales costs. 

Driven by an understanding of each company’s unique needs, we improve sales, marketing, and employee success with our three divisions, CSS, LeadG2, and Up Your Culture.    

While every company will have different needs at different times, this holistic approach to revenue performance has proven to be a winning formula. 

Job Scoop:

  • This is a full-time job that pays a salary plus commission.
    • You will be expected to hit or exceed your sales goals. 
  • You will need to be able to travel a bit. 
  • You will need to be detail-oriented, have excellent follow-up and communication skills, and can work independently. 

Is this the job for you? Let’s find out! 

You're right for this job if:

  • You’re passionate and hard-working (sometimes you need to be reminded to eat lunch)! 
  • You have a strong sense of urgency, and you naturally move things along quickly (you’ve even been called impatient before). 
  • You love to exceed the expectations of others. 
  • You’re buttoned-up and able to handle many different projects at once without making errors. 
  • You do what you say you will do, and others can truly trust you. 
  • You’re one of the rare few who enjoys prospecting for new opportunities. 
  • You believe bigger is better. 
  • You’re cranky when you don’t achieve your goals. 
  • You take great pride in the success you bring customers. 
  • Inside and outside of work, you enjoy serving and helping others. 
  • You’re likable, you smile a lot, and you make people feel comfortable right off the bat. 
  • Growing client relationships is your thing. 
  • You can pick up on body language and buying signals. You sense what people are not saying! 
  • You’re convincing! You can persuade people to hear you out and make smart decisions. 
  • You’re comfortable asking for what you want, and you can’t help but try to nail things down. 

We’re great at training salespeople, but we need you to come with a few developed skills already.

Do you have:

  • A proven ability to manage a sales cycle from start to finish with successful revenue attainment? 
  • Experience selling to the C-level? 
  • Expertise in helping companies grow.

Next Steps:

If you’ve made it this far down the page and you’re still thinking this sounds like you, start your application by completing the Sales Talent Assessment and filling out the form below.  

The talent assessment should take you about 35 minutes, and to make sure it’s worth your time, we will send you a detailed report of your Top Talents with specific strategies to maximize your unique talent set. This will be a valuable resource for you whether you move forward with us or not!  

Complete the Sales Talent Assessment.