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    Quality, Integrity, Responsiveness

Online Training–Project Manager

Job Purpose:
Project manager for the creation and organization of online training content. Works closely with subject matter experts (SME), designers, and the in-house training team.

Project management skills, a sense of urgency, and the ability to keep several projects successfully moving to completion are needed in this role. Copywriting, editing, and experience working with a design team is also needed. An understanding of the sales process, as our client content is sales and sales management related. Experience with management of client content in a Library, Resource Center, and LMS is a plus.

Performance Tracking:

You’ll be a success when you can work professionally with in-house and client Subject Matter Experts (SME), managing several large and small projects simultaneously, and ensuring the end product is professional, concise, and easy-to-understand.

Leading indicators:
  • Quickly picks up how we build courses and our level of quality for content and design.
  • Strong project management and an understanding of instructional design.
  • Multiple training content projects moving forward successfully in a timely manner.
Primary Responsibilities:
  • Liaison and project manager to transform SME raw content into great training content.
  • Review and improve copy on course downloads and other related training materials.
  • Content management of our Library of training content for clients and staff.

Full-time position, compensation based on skills and experience.

Send your resume and a brief description of why you are the perfect candidate to: Greg Giersch, Partner-Client Experience