Turning Talent into Performance

A strong sales performance strategy is built upon talent, developed with training, and executed with business development tactics.
Talent, Training and Tactics in Action

Talent, Training and Tactics in Action

Talent, Training, and Tactics increases Sales Performance for our Clients.

Our clients' success has resulted in a 93% renewal rate for The Center for Sales Strategy—for the three year period of 2011-2013! 

In a tough economy, a 93% renewal rate is a great reflection on the value and ROI our people are bringing to our clients month after month.

How does the Center for Sales Strategy achieve it's 93% Renewal Rate?

The Center for Sales Strategy consulting staff is made up of Sales and Management professionals experienced in selling and managing in B2B Sales organizations. We don't focus on making your sales staff better trained, we aim to make them better performing.

The combined experience of our 23 client-facing professionals is 478 years. That's over 20 years average experience for each of our consultants. Not one of them came to us with simply a training background. They all draw upon real-world experience in helping our clients outperform their peers.

<a href="/services/performance/better-talent-better-performance">Better Talent, Better Performance</a>

Better Talent, Better Performance

Performance begins with Talent. Outstanding sales performance is simply the sum total of outstanding individual performances. The Sales Talent Interview (STI) is the tool we use to guide our clients to hiring and coaching superior sales talent. Here are several examples where upgrading talent has resulted in increasing revenue.

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<a href="/services/performance/testimonials">Client Testimonials</a>

Client Testimonials

Combining talent, training, and tactics provides a selling system that works—paying you a return on investment you can measure—as your sales staff executes in the field.

  • Our systems will change the way that you look at sales.
  • Your salespeople will change the conversation that they have with their clients.
  • Your clients will change the way that they look at you.

See and hear from our clients about their experience working with our selling systems.

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<a href="/services/performance/the-performance-prism">The Performance Prism</a>

The Performance Prism

The Center for Sales Strategy recognizes the importance of aligning every aspect of your sales structure and strategy. Like a prism separates light into its spectrum of colors, we use the Performance Prism to separate the four critical components of your sales organization that determine your results. 

  • Goals & Values
  • Structure & Process
  • Metrics & Accountability
  • Talent & Skill

Learn more about how powerful The Performance Prism is in aligning, developing and strengthening your sales culture, structure and practices.

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<a href="/services/performance/digital-revenue-generator">Digital Revenue Generator </a>

Digital Revenue Generator

The Digital Revenue Generator takes a different approach to improving digital sales - a sequential approach.

The Digital Revenue Generator combines onsite workshops, online training, individualized coaching, and tactical Target Drive support to help media salespeople become more knowledgeable and more effective selling digital.

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