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Improve Your Sales

Just like an athlete you can go it alone and get some occasional wins. To win a gold medal requires a clear plan, consistent discipline, and constant improvement.

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It’s maddening to work so hard and not see top performance. Let us help you build your sales plan, challenge you to stick with it, and improve it over time.

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Winning Sales Strategy

How much better would your sales performance be if you hired more talented people, improved the quality of your prospects, and delivered even more customer value?

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Tell us your goals and how you measure success.

Share your structure and allow us to assess the strengths of your sales team.

Collaborate on the training plan that will optimize your structure and strengths.

Partner with us on the tactics we recommend that are designed to drive sales now.

How Confident Are You in Your Current Sales Strategy?

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Tailored Plan

  • A tailored plan created specifically for you, based on our proven sales performance formula of talent, training, and tactics. 

Top Salespeople

  • A promise that you will have the tools you need to identify top talent, make strong hires, and turn talent into performace.  

New Revenue

  • Specific recommendations to develop new revenue now and support implementing the plan.

Ongoing Support

  • You will not be left on your own. We will be in the trenches with you every month with ongoing performance checkups.



Partnership is an over-used word, but when I think of The Center for Sales Strategy, I will absolutely say they are a great partner, in every sense of the word. They behave like a TEGNA employee. They understand our vision and are deeply committed to what we are trying to do. They are in it with us.

Nicki Harkrider
VP Sales,



I have had the opportunity to be affiliated, coached, or collaborated with The Center for Sales Strategy for almost 15 years. I have worked with them as a GSM, DOS, VP Sales, and GM. Their systems and coaching have made me a better manager and allowed me to hire great talent on the sales and management side. I find them to be responsive, collaborative, and supportive. I would highly recommend their services.

Victor Giacomelli
Director of Sales,
Emmis Communications – New York 



I am approached by countless sales training organizations promising me ROI without specifics. The Center for Sales Strategy is the first organization that has shared specific numbers on ROI with specific references that I can contact to validate the return. I am now one of those references. CSS trains your team, tracks your team, and delivers you the return they promised. CSS delivers revenue!

Heather Monahan
Former Chief Revenue Officer,
Beasley Media Group