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    Talent + Training + Tactics = Performance 

How We Serve Our Clients

The Center for Sales Strategy has nearly 40 years of experience helping our clients improve their sales performance. We help by turning talent into performance using 4 key areas of service: Lead Consultant, Talent Services, Online Training & Resources, and Sales Performance Support. 


Lead Consultant

CSS Lead Consultant is the cornerstone of turning talent into sales performance.

Your dedicated professional focused on helping you develop and execute a strategy to apply your unique mix of our services.

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Talent Services

The essential first step to building an effective sales organization is acquiring top talent.

Our talent selection and coaching tools help you hire the best people and empower your managers to transform their sales team’s talent into improved sales performance.

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Online Training and Resources

Sales and management training, resource documents and worksheets, and industry research papers.

The Sales Accelerator Series, Impact Leadership System, hundreds of Library documents, Category Briefs, and Sales Meeting Kits.

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Sales Performance Support

Sales Performance Support provides focused attention, working directly with you and/or your team, to develop strategies and tactics to turn talent into sales performance.

Target Drives, Individual Coaching, Sales Playbooks, and other sales and management performance support. 

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