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    Talent Services

    Turning Talent into Performance


Talent Assessments

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Feedback and Coaching

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Training, Workshops, and Webinars

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Talent Dashboard

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The essential first step to building an effective sales organization is acquiring top talent.

Our talent team provides Recruitment and Selection tools to help you find those candidates with the Talent and Fit to help you hire the best people. Our team will then provide coaching to empower your managers Investment and transform their team’s talent, with ongoing Development that aids in Retention. This leads to Personal and Organization Growth along with improved sales performance.

talent_assessment Talent Assessments

Selecting and developing talented people is both an art and a science.

The Center for Sales Strategy has partnered with Talent Plus® of Lincoln, Nebraska to create the scientifically validated Online Sales Talent Interview (OSTI) and Profit Center Manager Interview (PCMI). Both the OSTI and PCMI provide an in-depth Talent Report.

Sales Talent Assessment

Online Sales Talent Interview (OSTI):

Accurately predicts a person’s potential for success in a B2B sales position

Management Talent Assessment

Profit Center Manager Interview (PCMI):

A highly predictive talent instrument designed to accurately identify and select for talents specific to management positions





feedback-coaching-1 Talent Feedback and Coaching

To leverage the value of your assessments, we also provide the following Talent Feedback for Managers

Pre-Hire Feedback:

A focus on both talent and fit when discussing specific roles with coaching for individuals according to their strengths

Ongoing Feedback:

An Analyst works with the manager developing strategies to maximize each person’s talents, identify solutions for performance issues, implement motivational tactics, and provide feedback to the salesperson

Additional Feedback and Coaching We Offer:
  • Strength Management Coaching
  • Talent Insights and Talent Insights Executive Coaching
  • Personal Feedback and Coaching for Salespeople

traingworkshops-1 Training, Workshops, and Webinars

IMPACT Sales Leadership System

A simplified framework to drive winning performance. IMPACT is both a training curriculum and an ongoing guidebook for sales leaders at all levels of experience—to ensure they make the right People decisions, follow the best Processes, and engage in effective Planning to deliver Top Performance.

Additional Workshops and Webinars:
  • Learning the OSTI Talent Themes Webinar
  • Coaching the OSTI Talent Themes Webinar
  • Personal Feedback Workshop
  • Talent Development Clinic



Growth Guide


talent_dashboard1 Talent Dashboard

The Talent Dashboard is an online talent management tool that helps our clients improve how they recruit, select and develop the talent on their sales teams.

Talent Bank

Manage and organize candidates’ assessments, feedback, and resumes along with development tools for managers

Current Staff

Manage staff assessment results, feedback notes, & talent reports

Talent Reports

Talent composites of teams or markets with multiple levels of reports

Growth Guide

Essential relationship building and development tool for managers to better understand individuals they coach

Priority Strategies

Focus and track individual’s most important goals and activities with the ability to set up auto-reminders


Our team is made up of highly-trained Talent Analysts, all certified at the highest level of “gold standard” offered by Talent Plus. We provide in-depth talent assessments for both sales and sales management positions along with ongoing coaching to support you in hiring and developing highly talented people.

While many services delivered by the Talent Analysts can be included with your assessment contract, we also offer advanced services to enhance your coaching and development efforts and help you take your team to the next level of performance.


Beth Sunshine

VP Talent Services


Deb Fulgum

Senior Talent Analyst/Culture Coach


Mindy Murphy

Senior Talent Analyst


Tirzah Thornburg

Senior Talent Analyst

Talent Plus+

Our partner Talent Plus® was founded in 1989 by Dr. William E. Hall and Douglas B. Rath. Dr. Hall is the developer of both the Strengths Theory and the Structured Interview Process, and co-founder with Dr. Donald O. Clifton of Selection Research, Inc. (now Gallup).

Dr. Hall's dream was, "What would the world be like if everyone went to work each day using their talents and strengths in their chosen work?"

At the heart of the Talent Plus system is a technology process for selection and development of associates based on talent. This methodology interviews job candidates based on identifying key talents that are found in top performers.The Talent Plus Quality Selection Process is available for B2B sales organizations through our CSS Talent Plus Alliance.

Talent Plus clients include Estee Lauder, Mercedes-Benz of North America, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Henry Ford Health System, Pella Corporation, Loews Hotels, H&R Block, the United States Air Force, and Microsoft. 

For more information about our partner Talent Plus, visit talentplus.com.