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Beth Sunshine
SVP/Talent Services


Beth Sunshine is a passionate leader who brings a genuine desire to impact the lives of others to her role as Partner and VP Talent Services at The Center for Sales Strategy. She does this by helping organizations to improve in two critical areas: Talent and Culture.

Talent: Beth innately understands how great leaders improve sales performance and win the war for talent. She uses her expertise in talent analysis and strength management as well as our state-of-the-art tools to help her customers recruit, select, develop, and retain the very best.

Culture: Beth also recognizes that hiring top talent and providing world-class training is not enough if a company's employees are not engaged. Her personal mission is to close the engagement gap that exists for many organizations which is why she leads our Up Your Culture division of the company. Beth works with our team of experts to help companies create a culture of engagement, reduce regrettable turnover, increase productivity and revenue, and grow key customer retention.

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