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    An inside look at best practices...

Insights from The Center for Sales Strategy and LeadG2

Our consultants are on the front lines working with sales and marketing professionals all around the world. Our thought leadership is continually refined as we work with our clients on addressing their challenges and helping them implement strategies to achieve their goals.

We've found that some issues are unique to the business climate of today and need new approaches, and other are timeless challenges requiring long-tested best practices. Our team members share their insights, giving you an inside look at what successful companies are doing to generate more quality leads, develop better salespeople, close more deals, and increase their revenue.


Our sales blog offers unique perspectives for managers to hire talented salespeople and coach their sales teams to improve performance. We provide salespeople with insights on getting appointments with target prospects, uncovering real needs and desired business results, ultimately engaging clients in a collaborative process that leads to an agreement. Subscribe today! 

LeadG2 shares insights on inbound marketing. Our subscribers learn how to attract their ideal prospects, convert them into leads, and nurture them to become clients. We share what is working for our clients, the latest platforms and tools, and the best practices from our software partner, HubSpot. Learn strategies and tactics to make your marketing more successful. Subscribe today!