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    Training and Resources

    Your foundational, essential training content does all my new sales recruits a big favor early in their career.

Training and Resources

Our online training and resources fuel your sales performance with two main ingredients. Our Impact Leadership System helps sales leaders drive revenue through People, Process, Plan, and Performance. The Sales Accelerator process leads your entire team to focus on desired business results—while accelerating the sale.

Self-Paced Training and Online Resources




Impact Leadership System

  • The Impact Leadership System is a  framework designed to help leaders and managers make an impact on people, process, planning and performance.
  • Both a training curriculum and guidebook for leaders at all levels of experience.
  • Make the right People decisions, follow the best Processes, and engage in effective Planning to deliver top Performance.
  • Sample the courses in the Impact Leadership System.

Sales Accelerator

  • The six-step process goes deep enough to build an effective, tailored solution, while moving fast enough to achieve acceleration to close the sale.
  • Sales people learn to IDENTIFY the best accounts, CONNECT with them quickly, DISCOVER their desired business results, and ADVISE them on a solution that will DELIVER measurable results. Sellers speed up the sale by removing surprises, and GROW the business by selling success and delivering on their promises.
  • New Hire Fast Track: New seller coaching to quickly put the Sales Accelerator principles into practice.
  • Sample the courses in the Sales Accelerator Series.





Remote Training Workouts

  • Instructor-lead, weekly training that complements our Impact Leadership System and the Sales Accelerator Online courses.
  • Sales Leader workouts focus on the Impact topics of People, Process, Plan, and Performance
  • Sales Team workouts go deeper into the six steps of the Sales Accelerator process.

Sales Training Kits

  • Reinforces the Sales Accelerator key concepts.
  • Delivered by the manager or team leader.
  • Individual, small groups, and team exercises.
  • 30-minute, ready-to-run PPTs.





Category Briefs

  • Develop business acumen and insights.
  • Valid Business Reasons and conversation starters.
  • 40 briefs, mobile-friendly, updated regularly.

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