To work in an organization where the highest priority is doing the right thing for the client is immensely satisfying. There's a pride in working alongside colleagues who share the company’s key values of Quality, Integrity, and Responsiveness, where 95% of last year’s clients remain this year, and half of our clients have been with us for at least seven years.

If you have the opportunity to join The Center for Sales Strategy, you’ll find yourself in a professional, yet casual environment that is intellectually stimulating; one where your unique talents are recognized, respected, and developed. Our team members work hard, and often long hours, but with the refreshing freedom to set their own schedules and priorities based on our clients' needs. We are continually focused on innovating our products and services to improve our clients' effectiveness. 

We are currently seeking the following positions as our client base grows and diversifies:

Resource Center Specialist

Freelance Writer

Production Designer (freelance contractor) 

Content Manager-Inbound Marketing Specialist

Business Development Representative

We coach our clients on the importance of developing a talent bank for the time when the right opportunity is available.

Perhaps we can add you to our Talent Bank.