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The most profitable companies combine a
Culture of Engagement with a Culture of Talent Development.


Building a Culture of Engagement is Key!


Companies with highly-engaged employees grow revenue
2.5x as much as those who don’t.

Engaged employees are 87% less likely
to leave their organization.

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You can have the best product, even the best people, but if you don’t have a shared vision on how you operate, you will never maximize performance. The Up Your Culture Workshop assessed our current Culture, and then provided concrete strategies on how to improve productivity. No Voodoo here. They just took the abstract and made it real in a way that everyone can understand their true importance to our Mission.

-Brad, COO


Culture is powerful, and like brand, you’re going to have one whether you like it or not! This program gives you the tools to create the culture you want to have.

Up Your Culture was designed by the Center for Sales Strategy with over 35 years of expertise working with B2B sales organizations. We work with companies to improve company culture and employee engagement with the end-goal of reducing regrettable turnover, increasing productivity, and retaining key customers. This one-year program is delivered in monthly increments and designed to drive lasting results.

There are two ideal times for a company to invest in the Up Your Culture program. Often, it’s when turnover is higher than you want, productivity is falling, a crisis has hit your business, or you are dealing with a leadership change. Another ideal time to implement a program like this is when your company is already in pretty good shape, but you believe you could improve and grow to the next level.

Up Your Culture includes engagement surveys, a kick-off workshop for all leaders, one-on-one coaching with managers, and a series of webinars to help support the transformation.

At the end of the program, your new and improved culture will be featured in your own company culture video and culture deck! Other companies send you workbooks or facilitate a standalone workshop. Our Culture Experts and Coaches will guide you and help keep you on track for a full year.

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Measurable Improvement:

  • Reduce regrettable turnover costs
  • Increase productivity and revenue
  • Retain key customers

Other Benefits of Improving Culture:

  • Higher productivity
  • Lower absenteeism
  • Increased feedback
  • Increased recognition
  • Higher quality talent pool
  • Increase in high-quality employee referrals
  • Employees understand and “live by” company values
  • Increased manager trust and autonomy
  • Reduced complaints of office politics and gossip
  • Reduce health insurance costs
  • Increased interest in sales meetings
  • Less reliant on market conditions


In all my years in running organizations and managing people, the Up Your Culture Survey and Workshop we did with The Center for Sales Strategy was one of the most comprehensive and thorough things I have ever been involved with to help a company, an organization, a department, or any type of team. It was thorough to the point that it helps everyone and anyone, and in ways that make it interesting and not just another boring survey and workshop. I would recommend it to everyone, as I guarantee it can help everyone in one way or another, and I bet most in more ways than they would ever know unless they did it.

All thumbs up to the Up Your Culture Survey and Workshop!

-Jim, Market Manager


Workshop – Key Outcomes

  • Understand clear ways you can “Up Your Culture”
  • Cast a vision for your Culture Video and Culture Deck
  • Introduce you to the Four Engagement Elevators (Culture Going Up!)
  • Talent Graffiti to help you fully embrace your Top Talents
  • Create or Clarify your Reason for Being and Values
  • Create your own User Guide
  • Commit to completing Growth Guides for your team
  • Employee Value Proposition
  • Hiring for Talent and Fit
  • Onboarding Gallery Walk
  • Engagement Survey Results

The One-Year Program

  • Month 1: Benchmark survey
  • Month 2: Workshop and Action Planning Day
  • Month 3: Webinar 1
  • Month 4: Manager Coaching Sessions 
  • Month 5: Webinar 2
  • Month 6: Mid-year Survey 
  • Month 7: Manager Coaching Sessions based on mid-year survey
  • Month 8: Webinar 3
  • Month 9: Customer Experience check-in (survey/call)
  • Month 10: Film your culture video and build your culture deck
  • Month 11: Final survey
  • Month 12: Webinar 4
*Surveys and coaching can continue Year Two.  Ask for details and pricing.


Ever get the feeling that things around the office are good... not great, but you can't put your finger on what it is? After a survey and a 1-day workshop, we were given very clear instruction on not only where we were lacking, but how to fix it! I highly recommend the Up Your Culture program to any business that wants to increase productivity and have fun doing it!

 -Stephanie, Market Manager


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