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Through the Years


Over the past four decades, The Center for Sales Strategy (CSS) has been at the forefront of sales performance consulting.

Established in 1983 by Steve Marx, CSS originally focused on serving media sales organizations with a customer-centric and talent-focused approach.

We carry forward that legacy, extending our expertise to a wide range of business-to-business sales organizations.

Throughout our 40-year journey, CSS has remained dedicated to helping companies shape their sales strategies, identify and nurture top-performing sales professionals, and equip them with the essential tools for successful new business development.

Today, we proudly serve our clients across three powerful and distinct divisions:

  • The Center for Sales Strategy - Sales Training & Resources
  • LeadG2 - Inbound Marketing & Sales Enablement
  • Up Your Culture - Company Culture & Employee Engagement

As we look back on our remarkable journey, we are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the success of countless organizations, and we eagerly anticipate the exciting challenges and opportunities the future will bring as we continue to empower businesses with effective sales solutions.

Our Founder


Steve Marx devoted nearly his entire career to selling, studying how and why people buy, understanding which sales practices work, helping salespeople and their managers, and consulting on the development of sales organizations.

He conceived and established The Center for Sales Strategy (CSS) in 1983 and led its growth as CEO for 25 years, from a one-man shop to a roster of 30 full-time staff, stepping back in 2008 into the role of Chairman Emeritus.

He created much of the company's original sales and management systems and training programs, and witnessed the company spread its influence throughout the United States and around the world, with clients in Canada, Australia, Greece, and Malaysia.

To learn more about Steve's amazing life, career, and legacy, click here

Some Words from Our Friends

We consider ourselves beyond lucky to receive such kind thoughts from some of our amazing clients and staff, both past and present.

I have had tremendous confidence in my career because my company believes 100% in CSS principles. As a seller by focusing on the customer. As a manager by focusing on a sellers’ top talent themes and helping them perform at high levels. There were no shortcuts to success. Only the right way and that was the CSS way.I would have had limited success in my profession without CSS but not near to the extent I have experienced. I am so thankful that almost all my career was bathed in and driven by the CSS culture. Thank you and Congratulations CSS! Here’s to 40 more years.

Rick Collier - Cox Media Group, Tulsa

I truly can’t imagine what my career would be like without the training and coaching provided by the Center for Sales Strategy! I remember going to my first TFM experience when I became a sales manager; I walked away with a binder bigger than my suitcase and a heart on fire to coach people the right way - based on their innate strengths. Years later, CSS and its incredible staff are still my go to resource as a sales leader. Cheers to 40 years!

Allison Delagrange - Federated Media

If I had a magic wand to create a company that was a perfect fit for me, CSS would appear. The collaboration and teamwork across all departments is incredible. We lift each other up, which leads to our amazing culture. I feel like CSS is an extension of my family. I care deeply for everyone here and know they feel the same about me.

Deborah Fulghum - CSS & Up Your Culture

Congrats on the 40th. I've been privileged to work with the team through three different ownership groups and markets and some of my dearest friendships started via CSS. My DNA leads me to focus on working with my team and customers daily the "CSS way." Here's to Steve and Jim and the leadership today. I know Steve is still straightening flip chart pages from above to this day.

Tim Robisch - Salem Media Group

To put it simply, working at CSS feels like home.

Brent Tripp - CSS, Up Your Culture & LeadG2

10 two-letter words:

Jory Stieber - Nexstar

When I attended "Talent Focused Management", it was a bit of an epiphany for me. I instinctively knew that my job was to understand my team's strengths and find ways to help them succeed, but TFM gave me the tools to actually do it! I lean on those lessons all these years later. Oh, and Steve Marx gave my family a ride in his speedboat across Tampa Bay at a rate of speed that scared the heck out of us. My kids still nervously laugh about that memory too! Thanks for all your great work and insights, CSS.

Steve Wexler - WEXL Coaching & Development

I learned so much from Jim Prain, Keith Samuels, Sophie Frey and Jim Hopes

Marc Telsey - iHeartMedia

Where We Are Today
40 years later, we are one company with three powerful divisions, together helping businesses drive more revenue. Individually, each of our divisions works tirelessly within our areas of expertise to drive Total Revenue Performance for our clients. 
Sales. Marketing. Engagement. Results. 
Explore our divisions below.  
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The Center for Sales Strategy will help your company develop a strategic approach to sales, select and train the most talented salespeople, and provide you with the tactical tools essential for new business development.

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LeadG2 exists to help sales organizations SELL SMARTER and SELL FASTER. We're a full-service inbound marketing and sales enablement agency, and HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner. 

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Up Your Culture exists to improve company culture and employee engagement with the end-goal of reducing regrettable turnover, increasing productivity, and retaining key customers.