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    Sales Diagnostic

    Discovering Roadblocks, Driving Performance

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Sales is the lifeblood of your organization. You live and die over the daily sales report, projections, and monthly budgets. But how much time in the last week, month, or year, have you used to strategically view the overall health of your organization?

You work 40, 50, 60+ hours a week managing salespeople and client issues.

But when is the last time you took a deep dive into the data, analyzed the metrics, and evaluated your long-term goals for success?

Download a detailed Sales Diagnostic Outline of our program. You can immediately receive the outline and we’ll be in contact to help you decide if the Sales Diagnostic is right for your organization.

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30 years of Sales Consulting Experience

The Center for Sales Strategy (CSS) will apply their 30 years of sales consulting experience to help you achieve your goals using our proprietary Sales Diagnostic system.

What is the Sales Diagnostic?

We will analyze your data, team, and systems to deliver a comprehensive diagnostic with strategies and tactics to take you to the next level:

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Phase 1
Discovering Roadblocks

  • Work with your key personnel to appraise your overall operation.
  • Evaluate your business, your process, and your products.

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Phase 2
Detailing Observations

  • Key metrics will be gathered and analyzed
  • Survey staff to separate fact from fiction

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Phase 3
Developing Recommendations

  • We will deliver specific, actionable, and proven strategies and tactics for you and your team.

What are the Benefits of the Sales Diagnostic?graph with blue up arrow

Hard metric analytics and recommendations.

The Sales Diagnostic will provide you with hard metric analytics and recommendations specific to your sales organization.

  • Deliver more presentations
  • Boost new business appointments
  • Develop new customer acquisition structure
  • Improve your closing ratios
  • Increase overall sales

Download the Sales Diagnostic Outline

Discover the Benefits of the Sales Diagnotic

We improved our sales velocity, reducing the number of days it took to move from initial meeting to close, by more than 50%. We improved in our approach to clients and we improved client results. We increased sales. The CSS Sales Diagnostic is the real deal - it doesn't just produce activity, it produces achievement and measurable results.

Dave Keiser, Former Director of Sales,
Emmis St. Louis