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    Sales Performance Support

    Focused attention on your sales leadership and sales teams where you need it most.

Sales Performance Support for Sales Leadership and your Sales Team


Our Sales Performance Support provides focused attention in areas where our expertise is most needed. The goal is to help you improve sales performance in very targeted ways. We divide these services into ways we help sales leadership and ways we support the entire sales team. 

A CSS led Target Drive is one example of sales performance support. Results have included a 100+ market media company generating $30 million in new business in 2020. CSS has also helped individual markets generate $200K-$1.5M in new business during a single Target Drive.




Sales Leadership

Management Performance Coaching:
Personal manager coaching, leveraging talents, working around non-talents, with tailored plan and measurable results.

Sales Diagnostic:
Invite us to take a deep dive into your data to help you discover roadblocks to performance.

Sales Playbook:
A playbook aligns seller’s activities with the buyer’s journey, providing strategies to quickly communicate with buyers.

Sales Strategic Action Planning:
Starts with a SWOT analysis to help you go beyond the numbers and create a short list of strategic actions for the year ahead.

Sales Structure Consulting:
To help you determine where your structure is holding you back from peak performance—so you can develop your ideal new structure.


Sales Team

Sales Performance Coaching
Supplement your sales manager efforts—with cost-efficient, personalized, coaching designed to springboard your new seller to success or your veteran seller to the next level.

Virtual Training Meetings
You’re busy, yet still want to sharpen your team’s skills and ensure they stay on track. Let us help you bring energy and insights to your team meetings.  

Account Development Clinics
Help your Account Executives improve their ability to identify and develop their highest potential accounts using a step-by-step process to spot opportunities and create growth. 

Target Drive Consulting
Drive short-term revenue while reinforcing the importance selling of tailored solutions to high-priority accounts. Our approach blends selling new business with mastering the sales process. 

Stand Alone Sales Play
Shorten and strengthen your sales process. We provide all email templates, talk tracks, and tips.

Digital Sales Accelerator Series
This series of workshops are designed to  increase the confidence level of media salespeople, driving them to engage in smart Digital Marketing conversations. They will be more likely to hear Digital opportunities during needs analysis meetings and to propose effective integrated solutions. 

Negotiation Skills Training & Coaching
Great negotiators understand the power of partnerships and gather information about everyone’s interests before the final negotiation takes place. We help sellers develop  strong negotiation tactics, to avoid falling victim to manipulative tactics.

Sales Collateral Boost
Your salespeople need up-to-date case studies and engaging sales collateral and can't waste precious time editing, creating, or finding this collateral. 90 day engagement from audit to implementation. 

Elevate Engagement Culture Boost
We help our clients engage their teams and grow their business based on the principles of Up Your Culture and the four Engagement Elevators, helping increase focus, energy, and productivity.




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