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Alina McComas
VP / Senior Consultant


Alina is known as a strategic thinker and a problem solver. She is able to diagnose an organization and determine where processes can be improved to maximize efficiency and performance. Alina uses her 20+ years of successful sales, management, and consulting experience to drive results for her clients. As a digital subject matter expert, she has the ability to help the novice and the expert understand the ever-changing world of digital advertising sales. Her clients value her accessibility, critical thinking, and her willingness to jump in and help create solutions in response to their challenges that produce results.

When Alina is not working, you are likely to find her chasing around her young son, Shea. She is an avid traveler and loves driving in foreign countries. A graduate of Florida State University, and a resident of Tampa, FL, she is a huge Seminoles and Buccaneers fan.

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