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    Keep Your Sales Team Ahead of the Competition.

Would your team would be better at securing appointments and have more effective meetings if they understood the prospect's category and could speak their language? 

Insights sorts through all of the category and trend information available to bring you easy-to-use monthly updates and access to a full library of resources. As your salespeople increase their business acumen with client categories and consumer trends, they will move the sales process forward more quickly.


1. Category Briefs

Category Briefs are three-page PDF summaries of current trends, valid business reasons, and needs analysis questions designed to help media salespeople work more effectively with these industries. There are over 30 in our Library and each month we release a new or updated brief.


2. Category Intel

Category Intel are PowerPoint presentations that deep dive into one particular category of business. Two trends are introduced and the trend is looked at from the prospect's point of view. Needs analysis and digital discoveries questions are provided to apply the Intel.


3. Consumer Trends

Our Consumer Trends are PowerPoint presentations designed to use in the field with the prospect or client, but can also raise the business acumen of the sales team. Educate your prospects or sales team about the consumer macro-trends that are impacting path to purchase across multiple business categories.


4. Sales Meeting Kits

Insights includes one ready-made sales meeting will help you to guide your sales team on how to effectively use the Category Insights and Consumer Trend presentations.


5. Insights Update

Each month as new resources for Insights are released and updated, we include a short video to guide you how to use the Insights resources to secure business. You can show this during a sales meeting or have your salespeople view this on their own.