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Matt Sunshine


Matt Sunshine is the Chief Executive Officer at The Center for Sales Strategy (CSS) and its portfolio of brands, including LeadG2Up Your Culture, and Robertson Lowstuter. His areas of expertise encompass growing sales organizations, identifying and nurturing sales talent, refining sales processes, enhancing lead generation capabilities through inbound marketing strategies, as well as digital marketing initiatives. Recognized for his thought leadership in these domains, Matt Sunshine contributes regularly to one of America’s top sales blogs as a featured writer while also sharing insights on prominent business platforms such as Wall Street Journal, Inc., Sales and Marketing Management Magazine, Sales Hacker Magazine, and Entrepreneur Magazine. 

In 2012, under Matt Sunshine’s leadership at CSS, the division LeadG2 was established—a Hubspot Diamond Solutions Partner focused on elevating B2B companies’ sales performance through innovative marketing techniques coupled with robust sales enablement tools. Following this success, in 2019, he oversaw the launch of another CSS division—Up Your Culture—dedicated to partnering with businesses aiming to enhance their organizational culture. This initiative boosts employee engagement levels, leading towards reduced turnover rates while simultaneously driving productivity upward, ensuring customer retention remains high. Alongside these roles within CSS divisions, he also plays an integral part at Robertson Lowstuter, applying his extensive knowledge base towards furthering their mission objectives effectively, rounding out support across all facets related to total revenue performance enhancement. 

Matt is the author of Getting Prospects to Raise Their Hand, the host of the Improving Sales Performance Podcast, is a top-rated Vistage speaker, and is listed by Forbes as one of the 20 Speakers You Shouldn’t Miss The Opportunity To See. 

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